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Experts in animal feed since 1982

manufacturing vitamin-mineral premixes, premixtures of additives, and mineral and complementary feedingstuffs GALMIX®

Micro correctors GALMIX

They are mainly premixes of mineral vitamin additives. Our technical department formulates the products best adapted to each animal species......

Macro correctors GALMIX

Also called mineral feed, they are additive premixes that also include calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, etc......

Starter concentrates

They are concentrates with a high biological value and digestibility, mixed with other raw materials and special additives that help improve intestinal balance......

Feed sterilisation

Antifungal-antibacterial: A combination of organic acids and their salts. We work with high concentrated buffered products in order to minimise hazards and corrosion.......


Hepatic Protectors Galmix fatty liver plus: prevents and helps recover from fatty liver degeneration. It has been formulated for poultry, mainly for laying and breeding hens.......

Our services

Customer satisfaction is the first priority of Gallega de Correctores Naya’s quality policy. Below follows a comprehensive list of services offered to achieve this goal.......

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About us

Gallega de Correctores Naya S.L. (SOGACO S.L.) is located in the city of Vigo (Spain). We have been in the business of animal nutrition since 1982.

We produce vitamin-mineral correctors (premixes), additive premixes, mineral feed and starter concentrates. Our products are intended for feed manufacturers.

As a result of our broad experience, we are specialists in nutrition for ruminants, pigs, poultry, fur animals (minks, chinchillas, etc.) and aquaculture. We know what the market needs and we always search for nutritional solutions in order to satisfy these needs.

We develop the design and production process at our plant, either from formulations produced by the Department of Nutrition or in conformance with customer specifications.

SOGACO produces a broad range of vitamin-mineral correctors marketed under the generic name of GALMIX®

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