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Hepatic Protectors

Galmix fatty liver plus: prevents and helps recover from fatty liver degeneration. It has been formulated for poultry, mainly for laying and breeding hens.

Galmix fatty liver mink: this product has been specifically designed for minks.


Galmix sedaconfort forte: works as a mild sedative against anxiety, without negatively affecting feed intake. It is recommended in cases of aggressive behaviour, injuries by cannibalism, etc.

Ruminal function improver:

Galmix rumadibol plus: modulates ruminal function by optimising the performance of the rumen flora. Consequently, the nutrients assimilation efficiency improves, leading to better health and productivity.


Choice microtracer: for marking finished products, testing homogeneity and cross-contamination.  Marking the feed with the microtracer is an easy and economical way to find its presence in the mixture.