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Own laboratory


Own laboratory

Gallega de Correctores Naya S.L. has its own laboratory since its creation, where mainly physical-chemical and microbiological analyzes are carried out to provide customer service.

We have been certified in accordance ISO 9001 since 2003, for conducting analysis of food, raw materials for animal feeding, feed and water

We have the human resources and instruments necessary for controlling raw materials and feed.

Raw materials and feed are systematically controlled, adjusting to the customer's quality plan and adapting to the appearance of specific problems.

The laboratory has a team of pharmacists and chemists who personally advises on quality plans and food safety and realizes contradictory analyses in order to avoid irregularities that may be sanctioned in officials controls.

The analyses are carried out according to the current legislation, international regulation  (Comission Regulation 152/2009, ISO Standards, AOAC, AFNOR, ...) and the guidelines established by BPL and ISO 17025, with validation of the main analytical methods in accordance with this standard.

Galician of Correctores Naya S.L. participates annually in national and international interlaboratory exercises to implement specific analyses in the animal feed industry, thus validating the results of the analyses executed. Broadly, the main tests performed are:


Physicochemical analysis

  • Chemical analysis of silos
  • Protein
  • Humidity
  • Ashes
  • Crude cellulose
  • Crude fat
  • Starch

    Chemical and microbiological analysis of water.

 Microbiological analysis:

  • Enterobacter spp
  • Escherichia coli
  • Molds and yeasts
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Salmonella spp Chemical and microbiological analysis of water.

Homogeneity and feed cross-contamination control (MICROTRACER).